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Reliable temperature sensitive deliveries

Optimize conditions, reduce costs for temperature-sensitive deliveries.

With our temperature monitoring system, precision temperature sensors keep track of and record the temperature conditions of your cargo throughout the entire trip.

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  • Monitor your temperature-sensitive deliveries in real-time with our trailer temperature monitoring system. Receive instant alerts and prevent loss or damage to your cargo.

  • Receive alerts for unscheduled stops and potential tampering with shipments.

  • Track trip temperatures and retain data for 3 years

For industries such as agriculture, cold food chain, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, maintaining cargo temperatures within set limits is crucial for meeting clients’ needs and complying with regulations. With PosiTrace’s temperature monitoring system, you can ensure the quality and consistency of your temperature-sensitive deliveries in real-time.

Gain an advantage over your competition and eliminate uncertainty and unnecessary risk with our trailer temperature monitoring system and temperature tracker. Don’t let temperature fluctuations jeopardize your business success – trust PosiTrace.

“…in the past, we had to phone the driver and ask him where he was…now we’re able to get a tremendous solution… excellent savings…over 3.5% on our operational expenses…fuel savings, payroll savings, and management savings with our staff and customers.”

Lorne MacInnes Ferguson Moving and Storage

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“The biggest benefit PosiTrace has offered…the migration of operations and controlled routes to the driver’s schedule. We have become 100% owners of our routes.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

PosiTrace’s temperature monitoring system allows you to track and monitor the temperature of your cargo in real-time, ensuring that it remains within the required temperature range for temperature-sensitive deliveries. It provides alerts if temperatures go outside the set limits, allowing you to take corrective measures and maintain the quality of your products.

Industries such as agriculture, the cold food chain, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals can benefit from PosiTrace’s temperature monitoring system for temperature-sensitive deliveries.

Yes, PosiTrace’s trailer temperature monitoring system can store temperature data for up to three years, enabling you to access it whenever required and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

PosiTrace’s temperature monitoring system provides real-time temperature tracking, enabling you to maintain the quality and consistency of your temperature-sensitive deliveries and ensure compliance with industry regulations. The temperature data recording and storage capabilities of our system also enable you to provide proof of compliance with regulations to your clients and regulatory authorities, enhancing the credibility and reliability of your business.