Precise unit location, status and communication

Assign and schedule your various assets easily (loaders, haulers, cranes, fuel trucks, drills, light vehicles, draglines, support machinery, etc.) with an all-in-one centralized tool: reduce costs of unproductive equipment and optimize the efficiency of on-site machinery.

Organize your operation, profit from order

Real-time insights

Oversee your operations in real time and get notifications of all important events

Optimize fleet safety and efficiency

Control your expenses better and see your profits go up

Precise information leads to better productivity

Less downtime and eliminated unauthorized use, precise location monitoring, optimized maintenance schedules

Real-Time Insights

Easily track all your vehicles and assets on our user-friendly platform and have an overview of your entire operation on the dashboard.

We have a variety of devices, including hybrid and satellite coverage equipment, so your assets can be monitored in remote areas in real time, even without cellular coverage.

Monitor the locations of your equipment in realtime, use geofencing to be notified if equipment deviates from its zone, and utilize on-demand video feeds to improve situational awareness of management and operators.

Optimize Fleet Safety and Efficiency

Be notified in real time of any on-site incidents, set up direct communications and take immediate actions to attend to events.

What can be measured can be acted on – be aware of idle times and minimize them by addressing this problem with your workforce; set up alerts and reports, visualize and understand the data easily with dashboards.

Analyze incidents and use recorded video for training or investigative purposes.

Precise Information Leads to Better Productivity

Save fuel and increase safety by optimizing routes and ensuring only authorized vehicles are operating in a set area.

Define better parameters for evaluation and standardization with accurate data records.

Don’t be caught off guard: use customized reports and alerts for scheduled servicing to extend the lifespan of your assets and equipment.

“Three years ago, we had complaint after complaint about the condition of the vehicles. Today this whole situation is under control, the fleet is well managed and the operators know that there are consequences for unauthorized use.”

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