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Maximize fuel efficiency and reduce costs with our fleet fuel management system. Gain valuable insight into your fleet’s fuel consumption and identify inefficiencies with user-friendly reports. Improve driver behavior and optimize vehicle maintenance schedules to save fuel and reduce wear and tear on your fleet. With our fuel management software, you can make informed decisions and take corrective action to improve your bottom line. Don’t let fuel costs eat into your profits. Invest in our fuel management solutions today.

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How to increase your profits

  • Program maintenance schedules to maximize asset lifespan and reduce unforeseen repairs and failed deliveries.
  • Increase fuel efficiency by reducing idle time
  • Monitor driving behaviors to save fuel and reduce emissions
  • By optimizing fleet routes, your businesses can improve in efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, which can lead to cost savings and increased profits.

  • Improve safety and efficiency by tracking and correcting driving habits.

  • Real time location tracking provides management with increased awareness of fleet deployment and status, improving security of staff and vehicles.


Cut fuel costs with fleet management solutions

Optimize your fleet’s fuel efficiency and reduce costs with our advanced fuel management solutions. Our fuel monitoring system and fuel management software allow for precise tracking and analysis of fuel usage, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve your fleet’s fuel economy. With our fleet fuel tracking capabilities, you can plan better routes and maintenance schedules, and receive reports to further streamline your operations.

With positrace say goodbye to unpredictable fuel costs and hello to significant fuel savings with our powerful fleet fuel management system.

With our fuel monitoring technology, you can prepare your fleet for unpredictable fuel prices.
By measuring and analyzing fuel consumption, our fleet fuel management system allows you to plan better and improve your operation’s fuel efficiency. Don’t let rising fuel costs catch you off guard. Invest in our advanced technology and take control of your fleet’s fuel expenses.

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“…in the past, we had to phone the driver and ask him where he was…now we’re able to get a tremendous solution… excellent savings…over 3.5% on our operational expenses…fuel savings, payroll savings, and management savings with our staff and customers.”
Lorne MacInnes
Ferguson Moving and Storage

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