Protect your fleet & your business

Accident reduction with on-demand & real-time AI video

Protect your workforce and your fleet
Reduce risks.
Our solution offers constant monitoring and alerts you of possible risks. Protect your business with video in real-time and video on-demand.

Protect your assets

How to protect your business with our platform

  • Let AI dash cams assist your drivers and allow safer driving habits.

  • Check incidents such as yawning, smoking and phone use.

  • Analyze reckless and unprofessional driving behaviors.
  • Download the information you need according to incidents and automated rules.

Adding AI dashcams brings both security and safety improvements to any business: collision warnings can save money and lives, and the evidence of any incident can help with insurance and litigation processes.

These are the main reasons why you’ll see return on your investment right away:

  • Proof of incidents done by third parties in order to claim insurance money
  • Monitor your operations in real time and promote the rules that protect your business (no phones, no drowsy driving)
  • Get warnings of risky behavior and prevent incidents by communicating to your drivers
  • Protect your cargo as well as your workforce by integrating cameras that cover every angle you need to see
"63 (3.6%) fatal collisions were attributed to driver fatigue in 2019, Canada.”
Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics: 2019
"Overall we have been extremely satisfied with Positrace. Their willingness to work with us has been excellent… They go over and above to solve…."
Muriel Mcguire, Excel Transportation Alberta Ltd, Accountant
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