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Comply and excel with the best tools

Stay compliant with IFTA, DVIR, HoS, and road regulations to ensure a smooth ride.

Adhere to guidelines for operational success

Simplified compliance points

  • Make it easy for your drivers to operate your fleet.
  • Avoid possible fines.
  • Keep track of your HoS with driver alerts.
  • Increase your response times and bring solutions to your drivers.

  • Track any incident and common problems to apply corrections and improvements.
  • Incentivize best practices and avoid negative reviews with precise scorecards.
  • Train your workforce for better business results based on data collected.
Easy platform compatible with tablets/smartphone and portal-based services.

PosiTrace’s ELD service compliance*

At PosiTrace, we're dedicated to simplifying compliance for drivers and carriers with our state-of-the-art software. Our Electronic Logging Device module (ELD) ensures compliance with the HOS and Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) regulations, while our mobile app and web portal make compliance easy and accessible for drivers and fleet managers alike.

With our certified solution that meets FMCSA regulations, including vehicle inspection and electronic records/logs, you can have peace of mind and focus on what matters most - your business. Join the many satisfied customers who trust PosiTrace for their DVIR, ELD, and compliance needs.

*Only available at US and CA. For further information please contact our executives.

Use the PosiTrace platform to follow best practices in HOS and DVIR regulation

At PosiTrace, we understand that electronic diversification of the ELD is crucial for efficient and automated monitoring of HOS and DVIR practices. By ensuring compliance with government regulations and reducing road incident liabilities caused by third parties, our advanced technology promotes driver safety and operational success. Join us today and experience the benefits of streamlined compliance with our cutting-edge ELD solution.

With an ELD feature, your company and your drivers will be able to avoid costly Hours of Service (HOS) penalties and delays in operations for not following the rules or not having the proper records to show the authorities.

Our ELD mobile driver app provides a quick way of sharing reliable and accurate driver logs with authorities during roadside inspections by demonstrating them on a tablet or cellphone (Android-IOS) and sharing them via email in PDF format.

As well as other valuable features, our solution is a full platform experience, highlighting:

Join the many satisfied customers who have already benefited from our cutting-edge ELD solution and experience up to 30% reduction in HOS violations and up to 50% reduction in DVIR errors. Our advanced technology ensures seamless integration of HOS and DVIR management, streamlining compliance and promoting safety. Take control of your fleet management today and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced liabilities, and enhanced operational success.

“ 63 (3.6%) fatal collisions were attributed to driver fatigue in 2019, Canada.”
Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics: 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

PosiTrace’s DVIR solution is a software module that allows drivers and fleet managers to easily comply with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for vehicle inspection and electronic records/logs.

PosiTrace’s ELD module is a software solution that allows drivers and fleet managers to easily comply with mandatory Hours of Service (HOS) safety regulations through expedited and automated surveillance of HOS and DVIR practices.

PosiTrace’s ELD mobile driver app and ELD web portal are designed in an intuitive way to shorten user learning and adjustment to the procedure of managing HOS and DVIR by drivers, and are available on both smartphones and tablets.

Yes, PosiTrace’s solution provides a certified solution that complies with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for vehicle inspection and electronic records/logs.