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"Measurement is crucial for improvement."

With our fleet telematics solution, you can gain complete visibility and generate simple reports on your fleet’s performance. Historical data is retained for up to three years, enabling you to track trends and pinpoint opportunities for optimization.

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Optimizing fleet operations is essential for businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance. By leveraging a fleet telematics solution, organizations can gain valuable insights, track vehicle usage, and optimize routes to improve productivity and minimize fuel consumption.

Set geofences at critical points or fleet delivery routes and get alerted when vehicles exit the designated zones

  • Utilize the data produced by our solutions to enhance your workforce’s skills and knowledge, specifically targeting areas that can negatively impact profits, such as minimizing idle time or maintaining safe driving speeds.
  • Prevent costly fines and bureaucratic procedures resulting from road violations, saving both time and money.

To optimize fleet operations, it’s critical for managers and drivers to adhere to established best practices. With Positrace, you can increase driver and operator awareness and promote compliance with these practices.

 For instance, fleet telematics solutions like Positrace can assist drivers in adhering to changing local regulations and rules when crossing borders. By monitoring vehicle behavior, you can optimize delivery routes and ensure adherence to best practices, saving time and money

“In Canada, Ontario speeding fines can range from $2.5-12 per kilometre.*”
Ontario Court of Justice, 2021

Did you know that overworking drivers can decrease profit margins by up to 30%? Positrace can help you address this issue by monitoring vehicle and driver uptime, resulting in a 20% reduction in overwork and improved safety.

“The live tracking is a great asset, you always know where your trucks are…what routes the drivers are taking: allows us to coach our guys…helps us with traffic. The maintenance reminders are amazingly useful…everything is in one place…”
Alexandre Boudreau 1-800-Got-Junk? Montreal et Laurentide
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Reduce litigations with AI Dashcam
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“…This system…reports when a bus is started, moving, idling, stopped, and parked at any given second. It has already proven to be invaluable in reconciling trip hours..."
Bus Company
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Frequently Asked Questions

By using PosiTrace, you can track and monitor your vehicles and drivers in real-time. This allows you to optimize routes, reduce idle time, and monitor driver behavior, resulting in a more efficient operation that saves time and money.

PosiTrace can help you optimize delivery routes by providing real-time traffic updates, live GPS tracking, and detailed analytics. This allows you to create more efficient routes that save time, reduce fuel costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

If you have a fleet of vehicles that you use for deliveries, transportation, or any other operational purposes, then you can benefit from using PosiTrace to optimize your operations. This is especially true if you’re looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and gain a better understanding of your fleet’s performance.

PosiTrace can collect a wide range of data, including vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption, and driver behavior. This data can be analyzed to identify areas for improvement, such as optimizing delivery routes, reducing idle time, and improving driver performance.