Be in control while saving time & money

Easily manage and protect your heavy machinery and construction equipment. Our telematics solution will make your life easier and your business more profitable.

Your operations, one step closer to optimal efficiency

Real-time insights

Oversee your operations in real time and get notifications of all important events

Save fuel and improve ROI

Control one your expenses and see your profits go up

Precise information leads to better productivity

Less downtime, better control of billable hours, optimized maintenance schedules

Real-Time Insights

We have a variety of devices, including hybrid and satellite coverage equipment, so your assets can be monitored in remote areas in real time, even without cellular coverage.

Easily track all your vehicles and assets on our user-friendly platform and have an overview of the entire operation on the dashboard.

Be able to give information on your drivers’ and vehicles’ whereabouts right away, getting the assistance needed faster.

Save Fuel and Improve ROI

What can be measured can be improved – be aware of idle times and minimize them by addressing this problem with your workforce; set up alerts and reports, visualize and understand the data easily with dashboards.

With additional measures like installing fuel sensors you can monitor fuel consumption to the drop and deter fuel theft.

Limit work hours and establish geofences to prevent unauthorized use, thus saving fuel and preventing possible damage to your assets.

Precise Information Leads to Better Productivity

Reports on engine hours helps you in control your billable hours to your customers and your workforce

With scheduled and controlled maintenance schedules you can minimize unexpected equipment outages and avoid unforeseen downtime and the unnecessary costs incurred when paying your workforce while your vehicles are not available.

Don’t be caught off guard and use customized reports and alerts to extend the lifespan of your assets and equipment.

“The team…is outstanding. We are saving money and improving operations…now I can track my whole fleet right from my PDA! Installing the GPS systems was one of the best business decisions we have ever made…I highly recommend…”
Aloha Construction

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