Waste management

Safety & productivity with one user-friendly platform

Real-time information on your operations and monitoring of your staff and your vehicles allow you to achieve more productivity and improve safety

Better tracking, better performance

Increased driver safety

Protect your workforce and your business

Increase productivity

Use Positrace platform’s easy tools to achieve your business goals

Simplify management

Less manual processes, less overhead

Increased Driver Safety

Protect your drivers and your business with video evidence in incidents caused by third parties; avoid unfair claims.

Get the help needed more quickly by providing immediate and exact location information and simplify the communication with your drivers.

Prevent incidents and minimize possible liabilities by correcting dangerous driving behavior like speeding, harsh turns, illegal U-turns and dangerous lane changes.

Increased Productivity

Reduce unplanned downtime and plan preventive maintenance; don’t get caught off guard with unexpected fixes that cost your business time and money.

Know exactly what’s happening with your vehicles and your staff at any moment of the day; minimize idling, unplanned breaks and deviation from routes.

Simplify management

Less manual processes and calculations of hours worked, services performed, customers serviced mean less management time and money spent.

Any expense to support your business that doesn’t directly relate to your service is overhead; with automated reports and operational insights, you can implement strategies to reduce your overhead.

Manage your operations and your accounting easier by having precise information on billable hours and organizing your payments and invoices faster.

“…great security and convenience in knowing where your trucks/fleet are…overall daily efficiency and accountability by my Truck Teams have improved remarkably! …a great company, that works hard to make their customers happy…fantastic…”
General Manager
1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Victoria

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