Food & Agriculture

Deliveries done with excellence

Exceed your competition and bring your clients a clear differentiator by having the top edge technology to deliver faster and more effectively.

Effective operations, temperature-sensitive deliveries, and brand loyalty

Delivery excellence

Standout with excellent results and practices

Simplify compliance & safety

Follow the regulations, protect your cargo

Unique solution for agriculture

Know hectares worked and have custom reports for your tractors and assets

Delivery excellence

Real time delivery information at your fingertips; have fluid communication and achieve required ETAs.

With temperature sensors, you have full awareness and control of all temperature-sensitive areas of your cargo; deliver fresh and accordance with customer expectations.

Plan and standardize routes for optimal fuel efficiency and delivery times

Simplified compliance & safety

User-friendly Electronic Logging Devices make it fast and painless to complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and Hours and Service reporting for operating in Canada, USA and crossborder.

With AI dashcams, you can prevent accidents from happening by monitoring the driving behavior and conditions of each vehicle.

PTO reports will let you know when cargo doors are opened without authorization and installed cameras can give you a full view of what’s happening outside the driver’s cabin.

Unique agriculture solution

Know what areas were worked by each tractors in your operation; control the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

Schedule and organize reports to have full visibility of areas worked, duration of work, effective work done VS commuting time and more.

Tailor our solution to your specific needs and organize your tractors and your assets in the way that gives you the most benefits.

“I would recommend PosiTrace for its incredible customer service. They really take care of the customer and make sure everything is working the way we need it to work.”

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