Rentals & Leasing

Control over your vehicles

Analyze how users interact with your fleet, identify common problems, and keep your assets safe and secure.

Maintain your income source safe, increase profitability

Better customer service

Increase your brand’s engagement and grow your business

Reduce business risk

Maintain your assets safe and functional

Understand your customers

Stay competitive with data and insights

Better Customer Service

Make available the panic button feature for the safety of your clients.

Provide help if your clients need roadside assistance with precise coordinates based on real-time data.

Reduce Business Risk

Use geofences to set up alerts if your vehicles leave the permitted geographical areas.

Use remote immobilization in case of theft or non-payment.

Prolong the lifespan of your assets by using the maintenance module.

Understand Your Customers

Analyze your customers’ needs and driving behavior.

Have access to a variety of reports that will help you understand the market’s needs and plan for the future.

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