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Operational Connected GPS Hardware

Smart Driving

Video solutions for safe driving and risk reduction:
Visibility and control.



Plug and Play road-facing camera with a fast and easy installation through OBDII port which provides video and telematics at an affordable price.


Dedicated camera that delivers both front Road video & Driver behavior events with a powerful HD resolution and analytics evidence.

PosiCam C6 Lite S

Affordable and reliable, the C6 Dashcam captures your journeys with high-quality recording.

PosiCam|CV LTE

The PosiCam CV excels in accident reporting, insurance claims, monitoring, and driver coaching, making it ideal for comprehensive fleet management and road safety applications with flexibility for a variety of commercial vehicles.

Real-time incident prevention with in-cab warnings

GPS Tracking Devices

PosiTracker|TL OBD LTE

Easy-to-install tracker, compatible with Bluetooth® devices and supported beacons. Integrated OBD II interface. TL OBD LTE is the perfect solution for fleet control, speed monitoring, location tracking, and many more reporting analytics.

PosiTracker|QV LTE

The PosiTracker| QV LTE is a compact vehicle tracker that offers both driver and incab features; in addition to E/S ports, it supports a wide range of accessories that can be used for diverse scenarios.


The PosiTracker|G87s is an easy-to-install OBD/JBUS GPS tracker. Keep your operation compliant with FMCSA regulations, this device is the perfect solution for customers who require ELD/HOS capabilities.

PosiTracker|QL OBD

PosiTracker|QL-OBD  a versatile and economical tracking device that operates via LTE networks. With embedded cellular and GPS antennas and integrated OBDII interface, the Posi-Tracker|QL-OBD is an excellent solution for fleet managers in need of monitoring location, speed, and other vehicle information.

PosiTracker|QP3 LTE

The PosiTracker|QP3 is a portable GPS tracking device that is convenient to carry and affordable. It also features long battery life, a panic button, and is water-resistant.

PosiTracker|QL LTE

PosiTracker|QL LTE is a discrete, configurable smart tracking device, with internal antenna, and backup lithium battery. It is the ideal high performance device for AVL, fleet management, and vehicle security and recovery.

PosiTracker|QLw LTE

PosiTracker|QLw LTE is a compact splash- and dust-resistant GPS tracker designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications. It is the ideal high performance device for AVL, fleet management, and vehicle security and recovery.

PosiTracker|QS LTE

PosiTracker|QS LTE is a portable asset tracking GPS device with long battery life. It is ideal for a wide range of asset monitoring applications such as cold chain logistics, warehouse management, cargo trucking, high-value static asset monitoring, and more.


PosiTracker|SAT-S1-S operates on one of the most modern and fastest satellite networks in the world and powered by the sun, and provides excellent remote monitoring and tracking capabilities.


Deliver real-time alerts with a reliable rechargeable battery of 19,200 mAh. Get immediate alerts of any unauthorized opening attempt. Ideal performance in harsh weather environments (IP67).

PosiTracker|TL LTE

The TL LTE is the ideal solution for fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, personal cars and many more!


Get full advantage and optimize your ressurecess and assets with precise information.

Fuel sensor

Smart sensors for fuel telematics. Fuel sensors are used for accurate level measurement in fuel tanks of vehicles and stationary tanks. Standardized DUTE-E with 1-Wire connection

Temperature sensor

Know exact temperature of refrigerated units at any time, view temperature history reports, plus notifications if temperature reaches certain levels. Standardized with 1-Wire connection

Proximity magnetic sensor

A versatile solution with a small frame, ideal for monitoring doors, windows, or equipment that may be moved without causing abrasion or damage to the object. Low energy consumption and stable detection.


OBDII harness

Optional harness to connect the system through the OBDII Port. Included in the Plug-and-Play set.

Panic button

Increase driver safety with an optional panic button. This feature enables drivers to instantly send an alert — including their location — to specified recipients so action can be taken.

Immobilizer relay

Boosts vehicle security by enabling remote access to the engine and shut off for hijacked vehicles (at next stop).

Driver ID kit

With Driver ID Fobs and a special Driver ID Reader, you can now track when your staff clocks in/out of work and when multiple drivers use one vehicle.

Cigarette lighter harness

Optional harness for Plug-and-Play set to power PosiTrace tracking device through cigarette lighter.

J1708 (6 pin) harness

Optional solid heavy duty cable that powers PosiTrace tracking device through JBUS port that is usually found in trucks. It is an alternative harness for the for the Plug-and-Play set.

J1939 (9 pin) harness

JBUS 9-pin (Universal) – common connector for all recently made heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles 

PosiTracker waterproof enclosure

PosiTracker devices require protection when subjected to adverse environmental conditions, such as moisture. For these situations use PosiTracker gasketed waterproof enclosures made of flame retardant polycarbonate.

Magnetic holder for PosiTracker|QP3

The Magnetic Holder for the PosiTracker|QP3 is the perfect accessory to keep your portable device secure.

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