Improve delivery times and reliability

Your business depends on the predictability of your delivery schedules and a good performance of your drivers. Learn how you can guarantee fuel savings from the start as well as bolster your customers’ experience with more reliable delivery schedules.

Better driving, better results, consistent performance

Maximize routing efficiency, analyze driver’s behavior (fatigue, phone use, etc), and receive real-time fleet tracking, incident alerts and detailed reports.

Real-time insights

Oversee your deliveries in real time and get notifications if vehicles deviate from their assigned routes

Cargo security and customer loyalty

Make sure your deliveries get to their destination in the shortest time and with the best safety measures

Optimize fleet safety

Ensure that your drivers exhibit the best driving habits (no fatigue, cell phone usage, etc) and maintain your fleet fully serviced with its maintenance on schedule

Real-Time Insights

Gain control over your vehicles’ operational areas and gather data on activities that are costing you unnecessary fuel consumption.

Using data recorded by PosiTrace, you can detect chokepoints in your delivery chain and take steps to improve operations.

Easily track all your vehicles and assets on our user-friendly platform and have an overview of your entire operation on the dashboard.

Cargo security and customer loyalty

Be notified in real time of any unauthorized access to cargo areas and offer live video monitoring of key shipments.

Ensure that your vehicles always take the most efficient routes, saving you fuel and driver time and increasing delivery reliability.

Using PosiTrace, your clients can track their shipment’s location in real time and get a clearer picture of when to expect delivery.

Optimize Fleet Safety

Keep an eye on your vehicles and take immediate action during incidents or anomalies.

Monitor driver activity for signs of fatigue or distraction, and define better parameters for training, evaluation and standardization with accurate data records.

Don’t be caught off guard: use customized reports and alerts for scheduled servicing to extend the lifespan of your assets and equipment.

“I’m very happy with the service…I love the program… it really helps in scheduling and planning…you guys handled it brilliantly and the job got done! Excellent Service!”
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