Transportation & Cargo

Headache-free compliance while improving your fleet’s productivity

Automate alerts and reports that will let you know of driving behavior that puts your business at risk; simplify the compliance process with easy tools that will cut down on management time and lower your costs to make your business more profitable.

Safer driving, lower costs, consistent performance

Safety and compliance

Intuitive ELD solution coupled with essential tools of telematics

Save fuel and money

Save fuel consumption with a dedicated solution

Drivers’ Scorecard & Video

Assess possible risks and train your workforce

Safety & compliance

Using our solution, drivers can easily log their hours of service as well as directly enter Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, simplifying the process of compliance and saving time.

Keep your workforce, cargo and vehicles safe by using geofences and setting up alerts if vehicles leave their assigned route.

Set up maintenance schedules and plan all repairs to improve safety and vehicles’ performance.

Save fuel & money

Set up speed limits that will improve safety and reduce liability as well as help you have optimal fuel efficiency; be aware and eliminate unnecessary idling that wastes fuel and money.

Install fuel sensors on your cargo vehicles and control each drop of fuel; deter theft and tampering by using this extra feature.

Plan and delineate the shortest and best routes from the start and avoid extra fuel usage with inefficient routes.

Drivers’ Scorecard & Video

View statistics on areas for improvement, including harsh turns, excessive acceleration, idling times, and more for each driver and use this information to train and improve your workforce and the usage of your assets.

With Artificial Intelligence cameras, you can prevent possible accidents by receiving immediate alerts of drowsy driving, using cell phones while driving and other dangerous habits that can put your people and your business at risk.

Have all the information and evidence you need in real time or on demand; review what’s happening with your operations right away or be able to review historical data.

“Overall we have been extremely satisfied with Positrace. Their willingness to work with us has been excellent… They go over and above to solve….”
Muriel Mcguire
Excel Transportation Alberta Ltd, Accountant

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