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Real-time tracking for theft prevention

Hijacking and vehicle theft
Protect your fleet.
Our solution allows constant tracking with specified alerts and incident warning: door breach, panic button, unit immobilization, unauthorized use, and much more. Your assets are being watched.

Monitor your unit

How to protect your business with our platform

  • Use PosiTrace’s telematic solutions to shield your assets and secure your fleet’s integrity with our monitoring service*.
  • Increase the security of your cargo.
  • Receive border crossing alerts.

*dedicated monitoring center available in Mexico

  • With an immobilizer installed, you can remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition to prevent theft or authorized use.

  • Have certainty that immediate actions can be taken because of real-time location data.
  • In incidents of theft, use Positrace’s reports and data as evidence to provide to law enforcement.

 “Police already found the stolen vehicle from the information we gave them from the PosiTrace tracking map. “Daniela Sovarosi, Office Accountant, North Star Mechanical Ltd

Unit theft, hijack, assault, or breach is a common risk within the transportation industry, especially when your assets are left unattended or travels to hot zones.

That’s why it is important to count on a solution that gives you total visibility of your asset’s location (globally and locally) and its current status (including ignition and any unauthorized departure).

PosiTrace offers a complete set of real time tracking solutions that allows you to set the rules and preventively shield your assets against these incidents.

Using driver scorecards
“Each year, cargo theft costs the Canadian economy $5 billion. All too often, cargo theft goes unreported..."
IBC, 2022
Why Does a Criminal Target a Vehicle?
  1.  To sell abroad…they are sold for many times their original market value.
  2.  To sell to unsuspecting consumers… They can also be dismantled and sold for parts.
  3. To get somewhere:… This may be referred to as “joyriding.”
  4. To commit another crime:..abandoned and badly damaged – within 48 hours of their theft.”

IBC, 2022

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“Police already found the stolen vehicle from the information we gave them from PosiTrace… our stolen vehicle was back in a few hours.”
Daniela Sovarosi
Office Accountant, North Star Mechanical Ltd

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