GPS Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions: The Ultimate Tool for Fleet Optimization

Manage Your Fleet Better with GPS Tracking Solutions


Take control of your fleet with the clarity and precision of our dashcams. From video evidence to driver behavior, our dashcams keep you informed


GPS tracking for fleet improves safety, efficiency, customer service, and asset protection, while ensuring regulatory compliance. It helps businesses manage assets effectively, reduce costs, and improve performance.


Monitor fuel consumption, detect fuel theft, track vehicle movement, detect unauthorized use or access, monitor and maintain proper temperature levels for perishable goods, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Positrace is a leading fleet management and GPS tracking solutions provider that offers innovative technology, customizable features, and exceptional customer service. With a focus on improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing safety, Positrace is a top choice for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their fleet operations.


Dashcams and sensors prevent accidents and theft.


Trackers and fuel sensors optimize routes and reduce fuel consumption.

Customer Service

Real-time delivery updates improve communication and response times.


Avoid fines and legal issues with regulatory compliance.

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Case Studies

Discover how our clients improved their profit, operational safety and risk control with PosiTrace’s solutions.

PosiTrace case study DMT

DMT Business Group Ltd

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PosiTrace case study Excel Transportation Inc.

Excel Transportation Inc.

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PosiTrace case study Epiroc


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PosiTrace case study Mars Petcare

Mars Petcare

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PosiTrace case study Navarro’s Company

Navarro’s Company

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