Dashcams PosiTtrace: Improve your road safety with real-time visibility and control

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Real time monitoring
Monitor your fleet and drivers live. Get instant alerts and take quick actions to ensure the safety and efficiency of your business. With PosiTrace, control is in your hands.
Easy access to the trip record
Efficiently scrutinize the particulars of each trip undertaken by your fleet, enabling well-informed decision-making and consequential enhancements in business efficacy.
Prohibited activity tracking
Solution diligently detects and monitors any unfavorable practices exhibited by drivers, leading to heightened fleet safety, and enabling the prompt implementation of necessary corrective measures.
Tracking of driving violations
Advanced video surveillance system intelligently captures and archives instances of traffic regulation violations, delivering precise and reliable data regarding the infractions committed.
Telemetry and events
Effectively govern and oversee your fleet by customizing rules that align with your specific requirements. Ensure adherence to policies and optimize operational efficiency with the comprehensive solution.
Custom rules for any business
At PosiTrace, we recognize and appreciate the unique needs and standards of every organization. Consequently, we provide the utmost flexibility, empowering you to establish tailored rules that align precisely with the requirements of your business.

Visualize. Protect. Control.

Safeguard your drivers and mitigate the risk of costly accidents through the utilization of the PosiTrace AI-Dash Cam.
Our cutting-edge 24/7 live video surveillance technology, integrated into our platform, employs artificial intelligence (AI) to thoroughly analyze road conditions, delivering real-time alerts to both the driver and their Fleet manager.
Be safe on the road
Benefit from real-time alerts and accident prevention with the advanced PosiTrace AI Dashcam.
Reliable evidence
Enhance claim support and streamline legal processes through incident recording.
Fleet and asset protection
Safeguard and oversee your vehicles and assets, preventing damage and reckless behavior.
Do you have special needs?
For large businesses that needs more control, dedicated support and a customized experience we have special solutions and we are ready to help you.

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  • Сargo tracking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Simple installation
  • Theft protection
  • Long service life
  • High durability
  • Invisibility and stealth
  • Customizable solutions
  • Report creation
  • 24/7 live monitoring

PosiTrace solution

The PosiTrace platform grants users the capability to access recorded videos and real-time monitoring effortlessly, regardless of location and time. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, this platform facilitates efficient data management and comprehensive monitoring of vehicle fleets.


Advanced features

Elevating beyond mere recording capabilities, our Positrace Dashcams encompass advanced features such as collision detection, motion detection, and loop recording. Rest assured, with these cutting-edge functionalities, you are well-protected, and your videos are stored efficiently.

Safety on the road

Ensuring utmost safety, Positrace Dashcams provide a sense of tranquility by continuously recording your journeys. In the event of accidents or incidents, these dashcams offer invaluable evidence to substantiate your version of events, providing added reassurance.

What kind of problems do you experience?

Accidents and collisions
Dashcams serve as invaluable sources of evidence in the event of accidents, aiding in the determination of liability and expediting the insurance claim process.
Unauthorized drivers
Within commercial fleets, dashcams offer significant advantages by aiding in the detection of unauthorized drivers who may be using the vehicles. This capability provides essential insights to ensure adherence to proper usage policies and enhances overall fleet security.
Bad driver practices
Dashcams assume a crucial role in diligently monitoring and recording driver behavior, encompassing critical aspects like distractions, drowsiness, and hazardous habits.
Lack of driver training
Leveraging dashcam recordings as training tools facilitates the improvement of driving skills and fosters a culture of safety among drivers.

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Unique business solutions
Our solutions boast flexibility and reliability, having collaborated with numerous companies across diverse industries. We are prepared to share our extensive experience with any business looking to enhance the quality of their operations.

Technical advantages


Full HD (1080p) camera for front recording

Clear and detailed view of the road and driving events.


HD (720p) infrared camera for driver recording

Records driver behavior in high definition, even in low light conditions.


2 mobile phone antennas

Improves the Dashcam's connectivity and mobile signal reception, ensuring smooth and reliable data transmission.


GPS antenna

Allows precise tracking of vehicle location and speed.


2 power cords

Safe and reliable connection, ensuring a constant power supply and uninterrupted operation.

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